IP Address Checker – Test C Class IP Address

IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is an address of a computer or a device Using TCP/IP on a network. The numbers “” are the example of an IP address. There are three main classes (groups) of an IP: A Class, B Class, C Class. Enjoy our free IP checker tool. You may put valid domain name, for example, "toolsiseek.com" instead of IPs.

Note: Only 50 IP's allowed

Tool Details and User Instructions

C-Class is the particular sets of large networks where a few computers are attached. 192…223 are the value which Class C have as a first Octet. First three octets are used by C Class to identify a network, possibly 20,080,800 which means, 254 computers supported by each of them.

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How to use C-class I.P. checker?


  First you must enter IP’s in a text area with a line break after each IP.


 Click Submit for processing. It may take some time to load your results in a table.


 You can export your results in an excel sheet by clicking the Export button.

Tool Steps Snapshots

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