Google Page Rank or PR Checker

The PageRank algorithm is named after Larry Page (Cofounder of Google) and is used to calculate the importance of websites in SERP. This Google PageRank or PR checker tool checks the page rank of a domain or internal URL in bulk.

Note: 10 domains allowed (5 Sec delay)

Tool Details and User Instructions

gives every website a PageRank score from 0, 10 on an exponential scale.

The site with Google Pagerank 10 = Highest inbound links from websites

High ranking pages have more potential to get more links as compared to a page with the low ranking. The PageRank measures the importance of a Web page; it determines where your page appears in search engine results.

But now Google doesn’t consider page rank (PR) as a ranking factor because spammers tend to manipulate their algorithm with spam backlinks. Now Google is fighting spam to display the most accurate results to the users they want. But still some SEOs think there is still value in page rank. 

Other ranking factors:

As most people know, page rank has no more value they try to analyze a website with Moz’s (Domain Authority, Page Authority), Majestic’s (Trust Flow, Citation Flow), Blekko’s (host rank) and Ahrefs’ (URL Rank).

Google sees links as votes as a politician sees a person around his / her territory as a vote. All the people are equal for a politician, but Google categorizes the links as important or not. So Google tends to give PageRank to those domains and web pages which had most important links pointing to them.

Note: The last PageRank update was on 5/6 December 2013.

If Google doesn’t support PageRank anymore, then it doesn’t mean you should not try to get quality links because quality links still matter. Please don’t go for automated spam and PBN links because Google will track you down.

Steps to Use Page Rank Checker:


  Enter your URLs in the text area, each with a line break.


  Click Submit to track PageRank.


  Click Export to download results in an excel sheet.

Tool Steps Snapshots

Page Rank Checker 2
Page Rank Checker 3
Page Rank Checker 4
Page Rank Checker 5