Internal, External links Checker and Counter

Link Count Checker can track the internal, external (Outgoing links) links and backlinks of a website's page, and also tells whether they are Do follow or No follow. In short this is an internal, external and incoming links extractor and counter tool.

Tool Details and User Instructions

Link Count Checker helps the users to check the link value of their website. It provides a total number of inner and outbound links of a site that can help online marketers to analyze the website’s link value and assist them to determine the link building techniques. The main reason to use this outbound link checker is to get accurate record so that the user takes some steps to improve the quality of a website. Commonly the website’s owner wants to check how many internal and external links are on a particular page. It is not good to publish so many external links on a web page.


– A counter in the summary section.
– Internal links with anchor text, anchor type and nofollow/dofollow analysis.
– External/Outgoing links with the same data as above.
– Incoming links powered by Moz.
– Export summary to CSV.
– Export external links to CSV.
– Export internal links to CSV.
– Export Backlinks to CSV.

The features, we are going to introduce in future are:

– Nofollow and Dofollow link percentage.
– Some duplicate anchors text.
– Anchor text percentage.
– Email extraction module to get all the emails from a web page.
– Status code testing for the extracted links.

Steps to use Link Count Checker:


  Enter a URL of your website domain in the text filed.


   To submit your website domain address Click Submit. It takes some time to track links on your website. After complete tracking of your site results are displayed in a table.


  Click Export to download your results in an excel sheet.

Tool Steps Snapshots

Broken Link Checker1
Find Broken Links
Link Count Checker 2
Link Count Checker 3
Link Count Checker 5