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Cryptographic Professor Ronald Rivest invented the MD5 hash (Message Digest Algorithm 5) in 1991. MD5 is safer than the MD4 algorithm and use with 32-bit machines. This online MD5 hash generator tool will help you to secure your password.

Tool Details and User Instructions

MD5, a one-way has function takes a message and coverts into a fixed digit strings. It can compare calculated message digest against the message digest. Many modern web and software applications are still using MD5 because of its performance. MD5 is mostly used for verifying data integrity and utilized in a variety of cryptographic applications. MD5 offers more assurance of data security, but not faster than MD4.  MD5 is one of the different methods to identify, verify and secure data. In the history of security cryptographic hashing played a vital role.  Use this online md5 generator to generate your password.

Why do some big Softwares and web applications use MD5?

There is a quote that old habits die hard. MD5 hashing is still being used in popular applications, for example, WordPress, Drupal and some forum softwares.

Why is MD5 hash not secured?

We still use MD5 because of tradition, not performance. For passwords, MD5 is not a good idea because anyone can send millions of candidate passwords in the form of brute force attack.

Following are some alternatives of MD5:

Scypt – It is used to safeguard hardware brute force attacks. But it is still new, and not many implementations of different programming languages are available.

bcrypt – A key derivation function based on a symmetric-key block cipher (Blowfish).

PBKDF2 – A pseudorandom function.

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How to Use Online Md5 Generator?


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