Online Word, Character and Letter Count Checker

Word Count Checker is a free online tool that counts the number of words, characters, and letters. Simply type your text in the text box and submit. Word count checker automatically counts the number of words and character as you submit.

Tool Details and User Instructions

Copy and paste text into the text area and get the word count. Word checker made it easier to count words. Without computers, it ‘s hard to count the words, and writers dream about easy ways of counting words. Numbers of words or characters are important to know for the writer, for example, An author wants to write a maximum or a minimum number of words in an article, word count checker helps them in meeting their requirements.

How to Use?


 Type your text or paste it in the text area.


  Click Submit and wait for the results.


Click Export to download your results.

Tool Steps Snapshots

Word Count Checker 1
Word Count Checker 2
Word Count Checker 3
Word Count Checker 4
Word Count Checker 5