Online Ping Tool

Pinging is the reaction of a connection response after sending a request. A ping tells data transfer time from a computer to a server; it is measured in milliseconds. Whenever a delayed response on the internet this is because of higher pining than the desired pinging rate.

Tool Details and User Instructions

This ping application is an administrator tool that is used to check a computer is operating and the network is intact.  Online ping uses the Echo function of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) detailed in RFC 792. A packet is sent to a specific IP address through a network. A packet contains 8, 56 and 64 bytes of data in it. The computer waits for return packet after the ping. A good return packet is received if the target computer is up and the connection is good. Ping also tells the user the number of hops between two computers and the time of a packet to complete.

Pinging is a way of sending request to major search engines against a page that it has been updated and ready to be recrawled. Pinging of your pages to the search engines will make your chances higher to index. Most people use ping utilities so they could index the backlinks pointing to their website.

Our tool not only pings major search engines, but it also ping to major blog directories such as webblogs and blogpeople.

If you’re searching for “how to ping a website”, this Google ping tool is here to help you out.

How to Use Online Ping Tool?


    Enter the URL in the text field.


  Click Submit to check the pinging.


  Save results in an excel sheet by clicking on Export button.

Tool Steps Snapshots

Online ping tool 1
Online ping tool 2
Online ping tool 3
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