Free Social Media Counts Checker

The social media counts checker gets the social count from popular social networks. This social checker fetches the socially shared count from Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Buffer and Delicious.

Tool Details and User Instructions

Every website owner wants users to share content of their site on social networks to increase the visibility and popularity of their content. This can be done by adding social sharing button on their website, which allows users to share content of the site on different social networks. Social sharing is one of the important ways to reach a large number of audiences. Social media counts checkers is a free online tool that can help to get the number of shares of various social networks.

What do our social media counter provide?

– Facebook (shares, likes and comments)
– Google plus one’s
– Linkedin shares
– Pinterest pins
– Stumbleupon stumbles
– Reddit (scores, up votes, down votes)
– Buffer (buffers)
– Delicious saves
– Twitter had ended their tweet count JSON API.

There are many sites on the web that will tell you how many Facebook shares, Google +1’s a web page received – but they don’t show all the social networks? A simple answer to this question is that either those social networks are not providing a public API to access, or those social networks are popular. But we’re working on adding as many social platforms as possible.

Social networks we’re going to add in future are:

– (A social photo sharing platform founded by Joseph Einhorn)
– Vkontakte (A social network popular in Europe)
– BlogEngage (Blogging Community)
– Dzone (Community of technical and professional publishers)
– DesignFloat (Web design news)
– Pocket
– Xing (Career-oriented social network)
– BizSugar (Small business news network)

Using Instructions:


  Enter URL of your website to count its social shares.


  To process your URL click Submit. After the process of social share counting, results are shown in a table.


Click Export to download results in an excel sheet.

Tool Steps Snapshots

Password Encryption Tool 1
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Password Encryption Tool 3
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