HTML Source Code Checker / Viewer

HTML code viewer is a web design tool. If you don't know how to view a web page's source code, this source code viewer will let you examine the source code of any web page.

Tool Details and User Instructions

If you’re a student and learning how to code HTML, this is the best HTML code viewer tool to extract the HTML source of a webpage. In short, you can also call this tool a page snooping tool.

HTML is a hypertext system or markup/publishing language developed by WHATWG and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). You should know about HTML if you are learning the basics of creating websites. Because it is the technology, that is rendered by a browser. You should start your web education journey with HTML. We are going to share some commonly used HTML tags below: 

– H1 to H6 are used to define headings.
and  are used to bold text.
is used to underline and is used to render italic text.

is for rendering text as ordered list and
  • is for displaying unordered list.

    is used for a horizontal line,

    tag is for paragraph break and
    is for line break.

    is for text indentation.
    Example is for linking internal, external, media etc.
    is for rendering images.

    The tool will also extract CSS and JavaScript when found. So we are going to discuss some important CSS properties.

    – CSS display property specifies how to render HTML element? The values are none, inline, inline-block and block.
    – Width & Height are used to determine the width and height in pixels (px), em, rem, % and auto.
    – Margin and Padding are used to declare space between HTML tags. Paddings affect the inner section of a block and Margins affect the outer part of a block.
    – Border to apply borders to elements.
    – Floats are used for side by side configuration. The values are none, right and left.
    – The color is used to apply the text color, and the background color is to color an element in the background.

    How to Use HTML Viewer?


      Enter a URL of a website in the text field given.


      Click Submit to view the HTML code of the website after processing.

Tool Steps Snapshots

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