Online Domain Availability Checker Tool

Domain availability tool is to check domains name on the web whether they get registered on the internet or not. Our domain availability checker tool supports 244 TLDs (top-level domains).

Note: 1,000 domains allowed.
Check availability for an unlimited number of domains with our Desktop Domain Availability Checker.

In our experience (may be wrong):
If WHOIS & DNS both values are "Available" = Domain is Available for Registration
Else if either value contains "Not Available" = Domain May Not be Available

Tool Details and User Instructions

What is a Domain:

A domain name represents a name or entity on the internet. Let’s take an example: is at internet point “” locates an internet address  Every domain has a suffix that shows the domain is belong to which TLD (Top Level Domain). 

How our tool works:

The tool has two ways of checking if a domain is available or not:

1. Using DNS (We analyze the status via domain’s DNS information)
2. Using Whois (We analyze the status via WHOIS information)

Why do we use DNS information?

Most programming languages have implementation of DNS to get the DNS results. We do get a lot information when pinging for DNS against a domain name. For example:

– Where the domain is hosted.
– What is the record type with some additional attributes.
– Time to live information
– SOA, HINFO, TXT, PTR, NS, CNAME, MX, A, NAPTR, SRV, A6, and AAAA records if available.

There are several statuses of a domain name you could get:

– The domain is available for registration or deleted and available again.
– The domain is active, inactive or cancelled.

Steps to use Domain Availability Checker:


  First you enter Domain in the text area. You can also paste Domain in bulk.


  You must enter Captcha in the text field.


  Click Submit to check whether domain is available or not. It may take some time for processing by numbers of Domain you entered.

Tool Steps Snapshots

Domain Availability 1
Domain Availability 2
Domain Availability 3
Domain Availability 4
Domain Availability 5
Domain Availability 6