Domain Extractor and Disavow File Generator

The Web URL extractor is a tool to convert long or ugly URLs into subdomains or domains. Also, you can make a list of disavowing domains to submit to Google webmaster with our disavow generator tool.

Note: 3000 URLs allowed

Tool Details and User Instructions

Our domain extractor tool supports all TLDs. This tool is designed for web developers, SEOs, internet marketers, and webmasters. Good for them to disavow their bad backlinks with a URL to a domain or subdomain converter.

Get / Extract domain from any URL.

What Our Domain Extractor and Disavow File Generator Do?

A free domain extractor tool to extract domain names from a list of URLs or subdomains to domains. The tool has the options:

– To include subdomains or remove from the set of web addresses.
– To ignore IP addresses if there is any IP address found.
– To sort the resulting URLs from 0 to 9 and then O to Z.
– To remove duplicates if found any.
– To convert the capital letters to lower case.
– To generate a disavow file to submit to Google.
– To create a .htaccess file for denying backlinks.

This web tool is for search engine optimizers / online marketers, web designers/developers and so on. The best thing the tool has to generate a Google and Bing’s friendly disavow domain list to prevent from penalties. The tool supports gTLD and TLD domains.

How to get a domain name from a URL?

Yes, our tool is right here to help you. You don’t need to write a program to trim a URL, just paste the URL in the above text area and hit “submit.” If you require a custom solution, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Why do you need our disavow tool?

If you’re actively doing SEO for your clients or your website, then you might have noticed some crappy links you don’t know about pointing to your site. Such kind of links can get your website penalized. So just export the sheet from the Google webmaster account, filter out the bad URLs and put those URLs inside the above text area, and check the option “Add the word ‘domain:’ to disavow domains.” Then, copy the results and save those to a file and submit to Google’s disavow tool.

Using Instructions:


 Enter a URL or paste URL in bulk in the text area.


 Click Submit to extract URLs. The extracting process takes the time to extract depending on the number of URL’s.


To download your extracted URL’s click Export.

Tool Steps Snapshots

Get Domain From URL Tool 1
Get Domain From URL Tool 2
Get Domain From URL Tool 3
Get Domain From URL Tool 4
Get Domain From URL Tool 5
Get Domain From URL Tool 6