Bulk Domain Availability Checker

A domain name is an identity of business, entity or organization on the internet. If you want to give your local business a professional look, a domain name is a way to do that. You can also increase brand awareness, build credibility by protecting trademarks or copyrights for your business with a domain name. You can download bulk domain availability checker tool from the link below.

Let’s take an example:

You’re running a business that sells NIKE shoes in the Gramercy Park, Los Angeles, you would want your domain name to be like gramercyparkshoesstore.com or gpnikeshoes.com to clearly indicate your business. So when someone searches Nike shoes store in Gramercy Park, they would find your store online and visit your store through your website. If your domain name is too complex or vague and does not represent your business entity entirely, most of your potential customers may not be able to find your store.

Now, if you have selected some domain names for your business and want to know whether they are available for registration or not, our bulk domain availability checker tool will help you to find out they are already registered or available.

Our desktop version of domain availability checker is the most accurate domain name availability finder tool in bulk as the application checks domain availability by DNS and WHOIS.


– Compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems
– Over 250 TLDs supported.
– Multi-Threaded
– Upload .txt file that may contain thousands of domain names
– URL/Domain validation
– DNS Lookup
– WHOIS Lookup
– Export available domains as .csv or .txt
– Export not available domains as .csv or .txt 

How to use this application?


  Click on “Threads Setting” button and enter the number of threads you want to run. Remember always specify threads as per your system requirements.


  Enter any number of domains to “Enter Domains” Textarea or Upload a text file containing Domain names.


  Check “DNS Lookup” & “WHOIS Lookup” checkbox to make sure your results are accurate. Else you may check either option or both.


 Hit “Proceed” button and wait.


  When a project is completed, export the data in .CSV or .TXT format.


  For more help, download our “How to Use Guide“.

Also, check our online domain availability checker.

Tool Steps Snapshots

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