Google, Bing and Yahoo Domain Index Checker

Analyzing a large amount of data and building an index from where accessing the data in a simple and efficient way based on searching criteria is called indexing. In order to appear page in Google search results, it must be indexed first.

This page index checker checks how many pages against a domain name is indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing index.

Note: 15 seconds delay because we don't want search engines to hate us.

Tool Details and User Instructions

On the internet, Google/Bing/Yahoo servers visit pages constantly and read their content. The search engines build an internal index, which is a data structure containing keywords of pages.  The search engine crawlers discover hyperlinks, follow them and the process is repeated on the linked pages. The search engine like Google/Bing/Yahoo finds pages by links and sitemaps submitted to Google webmaster tool. Google crawler determines the content value on the page related to the users search and their queries. This Google index checker checks whether your site is indexed or not by the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

When you say, you are searching the web on Google then you are not searching the web, you’re searching Google’s index.

How Google indexes?

For example, Google crawls a website like the New York Times and indexes all the web pages, then Google also crawls the external links / websites found on a website and further crawls those links / websites, and the process goes on and on.

How to get indexed by Google?

– Add the content you believe is the best of all. Because quality content always goes viral after a decent content marketing strategy. You’ll get more mentions on other’s websites, and Google will index your pages quickly.
– Add a good navigation structure on your site. Make it possible for a user to navigate each section quickly.
– Add internal links to your web pages.
– Optimize your page to load faster. Faster loading of a page provides high value to a user and make it easy for the Google to index your website faster.
– Try to submit your domain to the directory for better indexing on Google.
– Create a Google plus profile to get the attention of Google because Google owns the social network (Google Plus).
– Get backlinks from high authority domains, the domains Google visits on a daily or hourly basis.
– Create an XML sitemap and submit to Google Webmaster to make it easy for Google to know the all the links in one spot.

Using Instruction of Domain Indexed Pages: 


  Enter a URL in the text field.


  Click Submit to process. It may take some time.


  Click Export to save your results in an excel sheet.

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