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Check status code of URLs with our HTTP status checker tool.

Note: 100 Domains Allowed

Tool Details and User Instructions

Communication between a client (you) and a server are done by Hypertext Transfer Protocol. If you’re submitting a form, typing a URL or clicking on a link, you are requesting something from the servers with HTTP request. Upon receiving a request, a server sends back a response with information in the form of headers. Here, we are not going to talk about all the header information, just focusing on response code header information.

Common HTTP Status Codes You can Get:

– 200 means everything is smooth.
– 201 means the query has been completed, and a new resource is created because of the request.
– 202 means the request is accepted for completion.
– 301 means in future all the requests will redirect to a new source.
– 305 identifies the target source is available via a proxy.
– 405 specifies the request is not allowed.
– 400 means the server is unable to fulfill the request due to some reasons, resulting in a bad request.
– 401 authentication is required to complete the request.
– 403 Forbidden mean the server is not acknowledging any remote request.
– 404 not found, but may available in future.
– 500 is an internal server error that specifies something went wrong.
– Service Unavailable (503) means the server is unable to respond to ping.
– 511 means the client needs authentication in the network.

If you have a batch of URLs and want to find out which URL is ok (200) or broken (404) or redirected (301, 302). Use our free server header checker or status code checker tool.

Get information about HTTP status codes here.

If you need more information about redirect, check out our tool 301 redirect chain checker.

Using Instruction Status Code Checker: 


 Enter or paste URL’s in the given text area with a line break in each URL.


 Click Submit to track the status code. After completing tracking process result are shown in a table.


If you want to save, your results click Export to download.

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