Last Modified Time Checker

Modified means make changes in something. Web pages that do not list the last time of changes made, modification or last time of update are determined by the Last Modified Time Checker. The last time changing of a website are the assumptions of information provided by the web server.

Note: Only 50 domains allowed

Tool Details and User Instructions

Last time modification information of a web page is reserved for the site owner by the direct access to the website files. If you are not the owner of a website, there are many ways to get the last modification date of the website. This Last Modified Time Checker has the ability to get the last time update information on the website.

Ways to check the last modified time

– Not all web browsers have the ability to output header information of a web page. For the Chrome browser, there are Live HTTP Headers and ModHeader extensions are available.
– You may use RSS feeds to get the last modified date of an article or web page.
– Google also provides a “Google Cache Checker” tool that also includes last modified information against a web page.

This tool will extract the following information:

Last Modified Date: If available shows the date and time else shows “Not Available“.
Status Code: Status code of the given URL.
Content Type: Content type of the given URL e-g text/html
IP: IP address of the given URL.

How to use Last Modified Time Checker?

Steps to use this Last Modified Time Checker are following: 


  First you must enter a URL of a website in the text field given below.


  Click Submit to get the last modified time of a website. After some seconds of the process, you get results in a table.


  To download your results and save them click Export button.

Tool Steps Snapshots

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Last Modified Time Checker 4
Last Modified Time Checker 5