Bulk URL Opener

URL Opener helps you to open URLs in bulk with one click.

Tool Details and User Instructions

Multiple URL Opener is a user-friendly app that will allow you to open multiple pages in one click, there is no more need for opening
URLs one by one which consumes your time.

Opening multiple URLs at once could be helpful in some cases. Imagine you need to open thousands of URLs at once, the URLs are listed in your text file, you will definitely copy one URL, open new tab, paste the URL and then hit enter and you’ve to repeat this process thousands of times. This time-consuming process will make you hate yourself.

Bulk links opener gives you the solution, and it helps you in such cases. Move your mouse into the text area and start typing URLs, or just copy links from text/csv or any other document and paste them into the above text area, hit “Submit” and process hundreds of links at once.


– Shows total number of error i.e. number of invalid URL(s) and remove them when you type “Submit” button.
– Invalid links count.
– Total links count.
– Export to CSV option.

Note: There is no limitation usage in this tool, but be aware opening too many links may slow your computer. If JavaScript is blocked, you might get it difficult to work with the tool.

Tool Usage Instructions:


  Copy/Paste links in the text area or just type.


  Check box if you only need to open unique links.


  After pressing “Submit” button, it will show you the list of valid urls.


  Open All ” button will open all the urls at once.


  If you want to open one by one, then click on the filtered results.


  Export” button will let you save the links to a CSV file.