Duplicate Content Finder or Similar Page Checker

The duplicate content finder or similar page checker tool generates a report between similarities of two web pages.

Tool Details and User Instructions

Google could be very harsh to the websites for having similar or duplicate content. Your content could match other web documents on the internet, so try to make unique content and adopt your flow when writing content.

This Page Similarity Checker is helpful for analyzing common external links, common meta information, and page content to develop better onpage SEO.

This tool checks the similarity or duplication between two URLs / web pages. The tool uses Oliver’s algorithm to determine the similarity in percentage between two strings.

The lower percentage of two pages doesn’t mean they are copied; it means they are related to each other to that percentage. The percentage can just give you the idea of authenticity of a web page.

A piece of content on a web page could be the combination of text, animations, videos, sounds, images, etc. The phrase “Quality Content” is very common among online marketers that mean help others but do not sell or oversell it. There are millions of websites on the internet which just manipulate keywords to attract search engines like Google, but 90% of the sites have poor content.

What is article marketing / content marketing?

Article marketing is an off-site advertising method in which businesses or website owners write a short bio about themselves elsewhere on the web. Resource/bio boxes and guest posting are examples of article marketing.

In content marketing, you promote services, products, blog, etc. offered on your website.

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– Best duplicate content finder on the internet
– Displays duplicate content match in percentage
– Displays meta keywords match in percentage
– Displays meta description in percentage
– Common external links on both pages
– Export

How to Use?


  Enter URLs you want to compare


  Fill up the captcha


  Hit the “Submit” button

Tool Steps Snapshots

Simple Page Checker 1
Simple Page Checker 2
Simple Page Checker 3
Simple Page Checker 4
Simple Page Checker 5